Trinity Christian Reformed Church

A loving group of people devoted to Jesus.

Located in historic Marple Newtown

In suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Serving God and His people

An old message told in new ways.

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Worship: Sunday, 10 a.m.

144 Lawrence Rd.

Broomall, PA 19008

Tel: (215) 586-1673

Pastor: Norman Viss

Summer 2019 Sermon Series

Nobody Knows Me At All

The Bible is filled with people who played a very small and seemingly insignificant role in their stories.
Many of them are unknown or little-known.
This summer we will highlight some of them and hear their stories – perhaps for the first time.
Most of us are relatively unknown and carry on our lives in the routines of every day.
Do our lives have meaning? What difference does it really make that we have lived?
As we connect our lives to those little-known people of the Bible, we will meet Jesus, who took the road of humility, service and death to bring about His Kingdom.

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A loving group of people devoted to Jesus…..