Our Leadership

We come from a tradition of faith that believes that God has given leaders to His church – both men and women.
nikkiOur understanding of that leadership is that it is servant leadership.
Jesus told His disciples that we are not to lord it over one another like secular leaders are prone to do.
He got pretty mad at His disciples when they argued about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom.
He did give His disciples a mission to the world – and the authority to carry that mission out.
So we believe in leadership – men and women who lead by example, who are humble and willing to serve in the church and in the world.

Alongside the Pastor, we have ordained elders and deacons who serve the congregation.

Currently, the elders are: Eric Homan, Ken Tanis, Julie Tinklenberg and Norman Viss (Chairman)
The deacons are: Tim Bayse, Nicola McLallan and Kendal Barbee.
Our clerk is Carla VanWambeke.