Six Foundational Theses

On this page you can find six “theses” taken from Ellen F. Davis’s book Biblical Prophecy (pages 83-108).

These theses form the perspective or lens through which the Old Testament prophets understood their world and the message they had for Israel. They will inform our exploration of the sacred relationship between God, His Land and His people in the next weeks.

They are printed out below, and then available as images you can download by right-clicking on your m,House and selecting “Save Image”.


  1. There exists an essential, three-way relationship among God, humanity and creation.
  2. Human and nonhuman creatures together are the “poor and vulnerable”; they suffer together, and both stand in need of deliverance.

  3. God feels pain and anger when the earth and its creatures suffer.

  4. The suffering of the earth itself is a primary index of the brokenness in the human relationship with God.

  5. The earth and its nonhuman inhabitants serve as divinely appointed witnesses to and agents of judgment.

  6. God already intends a restored or “new” creation.