1356384_rust_texture_1024 copyIs Trinity a “happy” church or a  gloomy “Thou shalt not” type of church?

There are, of course, some things we would prefer not to do. Like cheating, stealing, lying, gossiping etc etc. We believe that the way to stop doing things we don’t want to do, and start doing the things we want to do, is not by shaking our finger or preaching hell and damnation. The change of heart we are all looking for comes when we know God’s grace and love for us. That’s what we talk about with each other. We believe that makes us a happy church.


thumb_locust-tree-1193532-1279x959_1024 copyIsn’t it true that God sometimes just doesn’t make sense?

Yes. But that’s what you expect from Him, because He’s God. Just like an ant or your dog doesn’t understand some things about you either. We believe that God has shown us what He is like in Jesus. The Bible calls Jesus “God made flesh”. So here at Trinity we try to look at Jesus a lot. That’s how we learn about God and about ourselves. We call that a win-win.


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Do you take the Bible literally?

It depends on what you mean by that. “He’s literally rolling in wealth” we wouldn’t take literally, even if it were in the Bible. If you ask “did Jesus literally rise from the dead”, we’ll say “yes”. The Bible does say at one point that “the sun stood still”. We probably won’t take that any more literally than we would if you said “the sun rose this morning”. All that to say this: we believe the Bible is God speaking to us. He spoke very long ago through far-away cultures. That sometimes makes it hard to understand Him. When God speaks, we want to listen, even if we don’t understand everything. We literally try to listen to God, even if we don’t always take Him literally.


thumb_silk-ocean-1408870-1280x960_1024 copyDo you have people in your church who have authority and tell people what to do?

We come from a tradition of faith that believes that God has given leaders to His church – both men and women. Our understanding of that leadership is that it is servant leadership. Jesus told His disciples that we are not to lord it over one another like secular leaders are prone to do. He got pretty mad at His disciples when they argued about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom. He did give His disciples a mission to the world – and the authority to carry that mission out. So we believe in leadership – men and women who lead by example, who are humble and willing to serve in the church and in the world.


1342882_texture_6_1024 copyHow can you believe in a good God in light of all the mess in the world?

This is a hard question – but it’s a hard question for everybody, whether you have a faith or not. Even the atheist struggles with “the problem of evil” in this world. As Christians we say a couple of things – but not everything – about the problem of evil: In Jesus we see God who came among us, suffered as we do, and ultimately died and unjust death. He did that because He loves us. So one thing we can always say is that God knows what we are going through and that He loves us. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we believe in renewal for all things. There will come a time when, as Sam Gamgee discovers in the Lord of the Rings, “everything sad is going to come untrue”. These thoughts don’t explain everything wrapped up in a nice box with a ribbon, but they are hints that help us make it through the darkest of times.