God, His Land and His People

Sacred relationships that bring well-being

We will be looking at how the Old Testament speaks of Yahweh, the personal God of the covenant, and His deep commitment to His People (family and community) and His Land, which He has gifted to His people. Christopher Wright calls these “sacred relationships”.

Painting: Farm Couple at Work,
WIlliam H. Jefferson, ca 1942-1944

Modern Application

“The God of the Bible cannot be left disconnected from real public life in the world with its sociopolitical, economic dimensions.”

Walter Brueggemann. Land Revised (Overtures to Biblical Theology) (Kindle Location 226).

Why this topic?

“In the developed countries, at least, the large problems occur because all of us are living either partly wrong or almost entirely wrong…

We have failed to produce new examples of good home and community economics, and we have nearly completed the destruction of the examples we once had.”

Wendell Berry, The World-Ending Fire, pg. 230

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