Ways We Worship

This Sunday morning time is very important to us.
In it we take time out from our busy week and look upward toward God and then toward each other and our world.
We sing a variety of songs – both older and more contemporary.
We take time to greet each other and pray together.
We listen to God’s Word, the Bible by reading the text and listening to a sermon. In the sermon we hear what God wants to say to us and how that relates to our everyday lives. Central in every sermon is the person of Jesus Christ. Through Him we find the strength to go out and work, play and live in His world.
There is always a place for the children on Sunday morning: there is a special message for the children in the service, plus Children’s Worship and Children’s Sunday School. We pay very close attention to providing our children a welcoming community where they can learn about life in God’s world.
We regularly participate in the sacraments of Communion (the first Sunday of the month) and Baptism (when a child is born or an adult makes profession of faith).
After the service we spend time together with a cup of coffee and a snack. There is Sunday School for adults, and once a month we enjoy a potluck supper together.

Worship happens every day as we work and play in God’s world. But we also gather together weekly to worship at 10:00 A.M. on Sunday mornings.

Children are invited to the front of the church for a children’s sermon, then to attend a special Children’s Worship service of their own.

We sing. We pray. We listen. And we try to love God and our neighbor sitting next to us. What a privilege it is to worship together!

Special worship services

are offered throughout the church year for:

  1. Maundy Thursday

  2. Easter

  3. Thanksgiving

  4. Christmas Eve

  5. For other events see our calendar

All are welcome!